About The Author

Nate P. McGhee, Student Athlete


I'm from the Saint Louis, MO. (STL) Currently, I'm a Student Athlete studying business, with a love for football! I have many goals, and thanks to my many mentors in life I'm learning all about adaption, change and how Dominate all my goals in life! 

Be Empowered to Stand, Teach & Lead! #DominateSTL

Boys 2 Mentor, Speaker


As a Student Athlete and Mentor, I love to Mentor young boys to define their goals as well! Dominate is my way to give back! Speaking to young men in schools, teams, sports camps and youth groups. Book me for speaking engagement, book signing or small interactive workshop! All boys will receive a Books Dominate Pack (Books, Band.Tee)  We all we got, so we must give back! Reach out and Book Me today! #DominateSTL

Dominate-The Book, Author


Dominate the book is an easy read, interactive packed with letters, poems and inspiring quotes from my mentors, coaches and friends! It allows for young men to also journal and take mental notes. All it takes is you to say yes I'm ready! Purchase Dominate for your son, student or mentee individually or use it collectively. The perfect tool for a Mentor, Coach, Counselor or Youth Leader to use Hope your ready!  Let's apply the tools to Dominate Life! #DominateSTL